Happiness 😀 !

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by Kate Woodford

With summer just over, a time when sunny weather and holidays put people in a good mood, we thought we would try to keep those good moods going by looking at words and phrases that mean ‘happy’ and how these words express slight differences in meaning.

Let’s start with the fairly common word cheerful. Cheerful means ‘happy and hopeful’: He was very cheerful when we spoke last night. A similar adjective, combining those two emotions of happiness and hope, is bright: She was a bit upset last night but she seemed a lot brighter this morning.

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A novel without a heroe

The world is a looking glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face said Becky Sharp.

I think that is something connected with both karma and the law of cause and consequence.This is related with the discussion of many philosofers that took years perhaps before crist! It is said that if you do something bad to someone else then it turns back to you.That means that you always have to be kind and polite with everyone regardless if they are good or bad people.Everybody deserve respect no matter what they like or who they are because you are not god to judge people´s actions.